Pollokshaws Council Tax update

Tenants in 93 new homes built by Glasgow Housing Association in Riverford Road, Shawbridge Street and Riverbank Street have been seeking a cut to their Council Tax bills in recent months, supported by their local elected representatives.

I met the City Assessor Hugh Munro on Tuesday 12 June to discuss in detail the case for reduced bills, backing individual appeals made by tenants.  He agreed to consider the Banding valuation for the wider development, assessed in comparison to bills for other new homes in Pollokshaws and neighbouring areas built since Council Tax was first introduced in 1991.  I was hopeful that this overview would emphasise the distinct nature and relatively lower value of property in the Shawbridge Street corridor, allowing tenants to avoid the need for a special valuation appeal hearing.  A block appeal was subsequently submitted by more tenants this month supported by James Dornan MSP.

Today the City Assessor Hugh Munro offered tenants a cut in 2 bedroom flats – a majority of the new development – from Band D to Band C. 

Many of the tenants affected previously lived in multi-storey flats, while others moved from nearby low-rise homes, all scheduled for clearance and demolition through regeneration of Pollokshaws, particularly along Shawbridge Street and Shawholm Crescent with Band A and B council tax.  Below is my update letter for residents in the new homes:

Dear constituent,


I am pleased to update you on the latest news relating to Council Tax for tenants in GHA’s new Pollokshaws flats. Thank you for your patience on this issue.

The City Assessor Hugh Munro met with me and other elected representatives over recent months and considered the case for lower bills. The evidence presented by individual tenants supported by local politicians made a strong argument for Council Tax to be lower in the new GHA flats based on the value and location of these properties.

The Assessor has now decided to reduce the Council Tax on most of the new flats from Band D £1,213 to Band C £1,078. As a result, the water charge also goes down in those homes from £394 to £350, bringing the overall bill down further. Individual circumstances may bring bills down further due to single person discount or benefits. 

The City Council will directly contact tenants with more details in those homes receiving the reduction. If tenants agree that this reduction is acceptable, there will be no need for a special appeal hearing.

Please let me know if you require any additional information or support on this or any other issue.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Stephen Curran

Council Tax

Council Tax appeals procedure

Examples of Council Tax bills in Pollokshaws:
Birness Drive multi-storey – Band A
Rossendale Road low-rise 1 bed <55m² – Band A
38-60 Greenview Street low-rise 1 bed 53m² – Band A
Shawholm Crescent multi-storey 1&2 bed <50m² – Band A
Shawholm Crescent multi-storey 3 bed <92m² – Band B

14 multi-storey blocks in Birness Drive, Shawhill Road, Shawbridge Street, Shawholm Crescent, Riverford Road, Riverbank Street and Cartcraigs Road were reduced to the lowest Band A following an appeal 12 years ago organised by the then MP Mohammad Sarwar.

Council Tax bills and appeals for new homes in Pollokshaws and neighbouring areas:
Shawhill Road 2 bed 75m² built 1991 – Band E
Newburgh Street 3 bed 101m² built 2003 – Band E
Riverford Road/Pleasance Way 2 bed 73-86m² built 2003 – Band E
176 Nether Auldhouse Road 2&3 bed 75-107m² built 2007 – Band E upheld at Valuation Appeal Committee
1594-1596 Pollokshaws Road 1&2 bed 58-91m² built 2008 – Band D reduced from Band E at Valuation Appeal Committee
2-16 Haggs Gate 2 bed 85-104m² built 2009 – Band E
2-16 Haggs Gate 3 bed 141-161m² built 2009 – Band F
Riverford Road/Riverbank Street/Shawbridge Street 2 bed 85-99m² built 2011 – Band D
Riverford Road/Riverbank Street/Shawbridge Street 3 bed 123-127m² built 2011 – Band E