Key pledge progress with strategy to refurbish or rebuild schools

The Council’s Executive Committee this week takes forward Glasgow Labour’s manifesto commitment to refurbish or rebuild local schools across the city.

This follows last month’s Executive Committee agreeing £5million for enabling this work, along with principles for the next phase of investment based on its key challenges:

  • Right Schools – standards and quality
  • Right Size – meeting changing demographic demand
  • Right Place – serving the local community
  • Right Time – phasing and prioritisation

When the Pre-12 strategy was launched in 2004, it was described as The New 3Rs for Glasgow: Relocation, Reinvestment and RegenerationFor the next phase of investment, the 2012-17 education estate strategy is being described as 4Rs for Glasgow: Right Schools, Right Size, Right Place, Right Time.

Current enabling work includes more detailed condition surveys than the initial baseline assessments concluded in October.  The first investment proposals will be prepared in January following conclusion of those condition surveys.  All Councillors meet on Thursday 7 February to finalise the 2013-14 budget and agree a programme of major refurbishment in our schools from April 2013.

Labour’s pledge, confirmed at full Council in June by the Council Leader, is to improve not only primary schools but all buildings across the education estate including early years nurseries and additional support for learning schools, investing for all Glasgow’s young people.

In Newlands/Auldburn ward, the following new campuses were built over the past decade after merging a number of local primary schools and nurseries:

Hillpark Secondary benefited from significant improvement over ten years ago and the school is maintained to a high standard.  It is also home to the Autism Unit, supporting pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders who continue to attend the mainstream secondary.

St Conval’s Primary School, Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary School and Eastwood Nursery School are the remaining local buildings in Newlands/Auldburn ward being assessed for refurbishment.